Q: Who loves quizzes?

A: Everyone

An LSR tradition, stretching back at least… 3 years – maybe more, the Big Quiz Social makes its glorious return on Tuesday 5th March.

We’ll be in the homely setting of LUU’s own Old Bar – where better for a Pub Quiz? (This is a rhetorical question – unlike the ones you will hear at the event).¬†Events will be kicking off at around 7.30pm, so try and get there beforehand, and there will be a range of prizes for the winners/runners-up/best name etc.

It’s usually a fantastic night, and a really good way to get to know other members of the society, as well as watch the Station Manager get progressively drunker as he hosts the event.

Get a team together – departmental/show teams are encouraged – grab some friends, have some beers and answer some bloody questions!

The Facebook event is here - so get attending and inviting