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LSR Full Flyer

So you want to join one of the biggest and best student radio stations in the country?  You’ve come to the right place!  Students from all across Leeds are welcome to join in.  We’re looking for presenters, producers, sound engineers, gig reviewers, news reporters, and sports commentators.  If this sounds like something you might be interested, head to our welcome meeting on Thursday 25th September in Stylus, Leeds University Union, at 3pm.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Sir Alan Pic

Click here to listen to the full interview with Sir Alan Langlands

Sir Alan Langlands is the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Leeds.  This basically means that he is the Chief Executive of our university.  As a student, you might not have the opportunity to meet him until your graduation ceremony, and even then the handshake will be swift and no-nonsense.  Which is why the two biggest media societies at Leeds University Union decided to take this opportunity to ask questions on your behalf, and find out exactly what the V.C. thinks about graduate employment, funding cuts, and Freshers’ Week.

Our music team have been to some pretty cool festivals over the summer, and met a whole host of different artists.  This week our featured artist is Newton Faulkner (think folk classics like Dream Catch Me).  Our new Head of Music, Emma Rice caught up with him at Cambridge Folk Festival to talk about skipping, a trip to Japan, and their mutual friend Sam Brookes.


This is Newton Faulkner.

Click here to hear her full interview.

Here at Leeds Student Radio, we’re pretty proud of all the exciting things our members get up to. So proud, in fact, that we just want to tell everyone.  It’s not that we want to take credit for their hard work and enthusiasm, but we like to think that LSR played a tiny little role in their success stories!

Dangerous Jag

Click here to read Dangerous Jag’s dangerously amazing blog!


Ever wanted to know what it’s like to camp in the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by wonderful food and perfect music?  Well, you lucky little sunflowers, here is your chance.  Ex-Head of Music, Robbie Russell, gives you a quick round up of Beacons Festival 2014.  Click here to find out which food extraordinaire gets Robbie’s allusive and completely fictitious LSR Stamp of Approval, and which artist he calls ‘one of the most exciting names in Hip Hop’. 1.Beaconssign.-by-Bart-Pettman

Head to the Beacons Featival website for more info.  Early Bird tickets for Beacons 2015 are now on sale.

leeds fest

Arguably one of the best festivals to grace the UK’s summer every year, attracting some hundred thousand people to each event, Leeds Festival is almost upon us. Whether you wear skinny jeans and too much eye liner or have an obsession with triangles, Reading and Leeds is guaranteed to suite your musical tastes and to provide everything in between. It’s lucky that we trotted along to the local press day to meet the festival organisers and some local bands isn’t it? You lucky sods.


Here at Leeds Student Radio, we’re pretty proud of all the exciting things our members get up to. So proud, in fact, that we just want to tell everyone.  It’s not that we want to take credit for their hard work and enthusiasm, but we like to think that LSR played a tiny little role in their success stories.


Harry (left) at the LSR Awards last year.

Harry (left) at the LSR Awards last year.


Take Harry, for example.  Since joining LSR in 2012, Harry has presented on of our flagship music shows RPM Presents: Indie and Alternative, co-produced the ridiculously hilarious Bleakhousewoodhouse, and even taken on the massive committee role of being a Head of Music.  He has also been known to present Beech Coma, a late night specialist music show slash blog slash record label.  Now Harry is working in London, and has been picked up by the music oracle CMJ.  See what he has to say in his first ever interview… 

Last week was the first week of broadcast for Leeds Student Radio, so we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the station and the people who make it all happen.

This week I caught up with Joe Mason, the Head of The Beat, so he could tell us what to expect from LSR this year.


So, for those who don’t know, what does your role at LSR entail?

I’m head of The Beat, which means I’m effectively the head of Drive Time. I’m in charge of putting it all together and running the team. The show broadcasts from 5pm-6pm and used to be the ‘Hometime’ show, but we completely revamped it, now we want it to be the heart of student life here at Leeds.

How has the first week of broadcast been?

Manic, but fantastic. There have been so many keen people wanting to take part, the Freshers this year are keener than they were when I was in first year, there is just so must interest. It’s difficult to organise, but great to have as many people as possible turning up and wanting to give it a go.

You were involved in the Leadership Race coverage which was recently nominated for Best Event/Outside Broadcast at the Student Radio Awards, will you be taking part in outside broadcasts this year?

The Beat is going to be the central hub of outside broadcasts this year. We’ll be organising many live events, culminating in the Leadership Race towards the beginning of March. I was a co-exec producer of the Leadership Race coverage with Amos last year, and I really want to develop it. This is why I want more people involved, so that they can say that they were part of such a major event.

What do you have to say to anybody who wants to get involved in The Beat?

If they can come in and ‘speak with a smile’, and be enthusiastic, then that’s great. We want people with broad interests who are not just involved with one aspect of university life. If you want to promote another club or event, then this is the place to do that too.

Stay tuned to the Leeds Student Radio blog for more behind the scenes interviews and features.

Words: Eleanor Healing

It’s finally here. The biggest day for university sport in Leeds. Varsity 2013 is here.

Leeds University’s media societies will be bringing you as close to the action right throughout the day. LS are live blogging throughout the day with the latest scores, photos, interviews and match reports. It’s the place to be to find out what’s happening first! Leeds Student Radio will be compiling match reports from LSR, LS & LSTV on our Varsity Audioboo Channel throughout the day and LSTV are filming as many sports as possible throughout the day and are broadcasting live from 2-3pm with all the best bits.

From 6:30pm Leeds Student Radio will be broadcasting live from Headingley Stadium bringing you the best bits of the day and building up to the finale – the Mens 1st XV Rugby Union match. From kick-off at 7pm we’ll bring you live commentary of the match. It’s the only place to get the action live if you’re not in the stadium. As well as LSR commentators we also have special guest Jacob Rowan, captain of Leeds Carnegie, offering his expert opinion on what’s happening on the pitch. Simply hit listen live‘ from 6:30pm to listen!

Varsity Audioboo banner


Intro meeting done and show proposals are now open! You have until 5pm on Thursday 3rd of October to submit your proposal

Top tips:

  • Take your time – don’t leave it to the last minute, the best proposals are the ones that have been thought through
  • Be creative – try to think of something original
  • Think about your audience – the majority of your listeners will be students so think about what students listen to, talk about and like
  • Never use the word ‘banter’

Click here to access the form – if you’d rather use pen and paper you can pick one up from the office and submit there too

Don’t forget to also pay your membership on the Leeds University Union website here

Good luck!

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