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The LSR Awards are back for another semester! Celebrating the best shows, presenters and contributions of this second semester of broadcasting. The nominees have officially been announced, decided by the Station Manager, Programme Controller and Deputy Station Manager . The winners will be announced in a social after the Easter break. Congratulations to everybody who’s been nominated!


On the 11th March 2014, STAR, Amnesty, HOMED and Leftovers held a Sleepout in front of the union.  The night started at 6pm, with entertainment running late into the night, including from the likes of Big Band, Swing Soc, Comedy Soc, and Belly Dancing Soc! Nearly 100 people attended the event at different times throughout the night, whether it was to learn how to dance, buy a cake, or chat to one of our local charities.  34 brave people even managed to stay outside for the whole night!

The night was organised to raise money for STAR (Student Action for Refugees) and Simon on the Streets (a local charity working to combat homelessness). The societies were successful in raising £280 for our two chosen causes.  STAR’s primary focus was to raise awareness of the destitution that many people in in the city of Leeds are faced with.

Leeds Student Radio paused scheduled programming for the night and broadcast live from the event from 10pm onwards.  We interviewed the event organisers, charity/ society volunteers, and performers to help give a well rounded overview of the event.  We also managed to broadcast performances from Big Band and Comedy Soc so that our listeners would feel closer to the event, even if they were unable to attend.  LSR was thrilled to be involved with such an exciting event, and to meet so many passionate and interesting people.

As the Leadership Race begins to build up, Leeds Student Radio caught up with Tim Mortimer. Tim was the 2010-11 Activities Officer and gave us an insight into what it’s like as a member of the Leeds University Union Student Exec.

Tim talks about what it was like to run in the election and be an officer while the £9,000 fees were being debated and introduced. If you want to hear more, then visit the LUU website and get involved on Twitter using the hashtag #LeadLUU.


Well we’re finally back on air today after a few hectic weeks of restoration following being granted the Footstep Fund to refurbish the studio. It’s been… an adventure of sorts, and we’re finally back with a brand new production studio that we, as a society, can work with to produce even better radio to a higher standard.

The office is a bit of a mess at the moment, so bare with us while we get everything back to the pristine manner that we were renowned for before.


I’ve attached a picture of Hannah and Holly being silly around the new desk so that you know:

  1. The aesthetic properties of the aforementioned desk
  2. The main ethos behind our work at the radio station is unequivocally world peace.

We’re looking forward to being back on air and hope you are eager to hear what we’re saying, seeing and listening to. Let’s see what 2014 has in store for (arguably) the best looking radio station to have ever been formed.


There are some very exciting goings on in the Leeds Student Radio office at the moment. In December we successfully applied for funding from the University of Leeds’ footsteps fund for studio renovation and equipment update. This will transform the LSR studios and dramatically enhance our station in numerous ways

The first step of our project has been to completely renovate our production studio. Previously a home for broken equipment and furniture collapsing around our ears, it is going to be transformed into a brand-new studio capable of multi-track recording, DJing and live output. The first step has been to take out all the old equipment, give it a lick of paint and replace the carpet. As you can see it’s currently a chaotic mess, but this will change soon enough. Stay tuned for more updates

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Discover more about the University of Leeds’ Footsteps Fund here

It’s been a great semester of shows on Leeds Student Radio but now it’s time to plan for the next half of the year. All existing shows must be re-proposed to say that you want to do it next semester (not including ‘core shows’ like Breakfast etc) and any new ideas must be proposed through the new-proposals form. You have until Sunday 19th January at 5pm for both forms

Click here to access both of the forms and further instructions

Some top tips from your Station Manager for new proposals:

  • Think about what shows LSR already has. For example, we already have Box Office, our film review show, so if you want to submit a show about films then try to put a different spin on it
  • Take your time – we’ll be able to tell the shows where the ideas have not been thought through properly
  • Tell us about your previous experience, whether it’s doing features on breakfast or something away from LSR that’s relevant to your show
  • Don’t just submit five proposals hoping that one will get approved, this isn’t a case of throwing enough sh*t at a wall and hoping some of it sticks. We’re always over-subscribed so are unlikely to give you multiple shows, you’re better off having one really strong idea

Good luck and have a good Christmas. Any problems or queries, email Matt on or James Hanson, Programme Controller on


This Friday Leeds Student Radio will be meeting the MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Godfrey Bloom. Bloom has hit the headlines this year with a series of controversial remarks and has since resigned the UKIP whip

We want to know what you would say to Godfrey Bloom. Whether it be a comment or a question, we may put some to Bloom in our interview. 

Questions and comments must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 12/12/13

List of Winners

Check out all of the photos from the night on our Facebook page


On the 5th of December, Leeds Student Radio are hosting the LSR Awards to celebrate the best shows, presenters and contributions of the current semester. The nominees have officially been announced, decided by the Station Manager, Programme Controller and Deputy Station Manager. Congratulations to everybody who’s been nominated!

Next week, faith groups in universities and schools all across the country are going to be running their own interfaith week events. In LUU, 11 of the 13 faith societies have got involved running events such as ‘Religion 101′ and ‘Temple Run’. LSR’s Amos caught up with LUU Faith Rep Evangeline and a group of students involved in the Interfaith Week to discuss the upcoming events and what it’s like being a student of faith.

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