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On Friday we welcomed the lovely Laura Oakes to our studios.  She performed here brand new track Snakes and Ladders, as well as a beautiful cover of Sir Elton’s Rocketman


Yesterday Leeds University Union staged The Big Debate; a safe space for students, staff, and members of the general public to debate on the theoretical possibility of Free Education.  Bradley Escorcio and Bethany Bartley-Jeacock fought against the right to have free education in the UK, stating that it was not economically viable, and that we should encourage apprenticeships as a form of Higher Education.  Tom Dixon, Harry Shotton, and Nick Raikes argued for the right to have free eduction.  They suggested that UK spends far too much on defence and that this money should be redistributed into the education system.  They also suggested that far too many teenagers are put off university because of the cost, and that this needs to be (1)

Click here to listen to the full debate, chaired by Georgia Hennessy Jackson.

Liz Kershaw

In honour of the 75th Anniversay of Leeds University Union (you’ll hear us banging on about the ol’ anniversary quite a lot this year), the lovely Liz Kershaw dropped in to tell us how to be radio big shots.  Here James Shakeshaft interviews Liz about her many achievements since leaving Leeds University.


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